The Seven Powers

Derweld: (Derwelders / Welden, Der-Welden) Derweld is located on the southwestern coast of the coastlands with coastline for both the Inmost Ocean and the Altain Ocean. Derwelders are often considered thrifty, abrupt, and warlike by others.

Beritian: (Beritians / Beritish) Beritian is an island kingdom off the northwestern coast. Beritian is currently the reigning navel power with small colonies scattered around the known world. The Beritian Empire also includes the nearby Isle of Erivan.

Ferlay: (Ferlasians / Ferlay) Ferlay is located on the northwest coast of the coastlands with coastline extending up into Jotten Bay and with territory bordering the Wylds. Ferlay is a trader’s kingdom though it is also known for fine wines and textiles.

Orinou: (Orinouins / Orinouin) This is a small landlocked mountainous kingdom wedged between the much larger kingdoms of Derweld, Sorvin, and Romath. Despite being small, Orinou has long been a location for diplomats, meetings, and is often a neutral ground.

Cathell: (Cathens / Cathella) Cathell is on the northwestern coast of the lower continent. The area is a lush fertile area surrounded by a harsh desert. Like Derweld, Cathell has coastline in both the Altian Ocean and he Inmost Ocean. Cathell claims descent from the Necropolis of Et’Mu.

Sorvin: (Sorvins / Ferlay) Sorvin is a fairly small, though long, mountain kingdom lying mostly between the much more powerful kingdoms of Ferlay and Derweld. Sorvin’s eastern border borders the Wyld and it hedges in the smaller kingdom of Orinou.

Romath: (Romathian / Romathian) Romath once was the empire which ruled nearly all of the coastlands; however, inner corruption and war with Jottenheim led to internal revolts and the splintering of much of the empire into the current kingdoms a few hundred years ago. Romath still has this grandeur of old, even if it is only in their own minds.

The Seven Powers

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